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We are often asked about the name of our business. Why Operation Steel Rain? Well can you believe coming up with a name for a business is actually pretty HARD!!???!!  So for weeks we tossed around different names, with no luck.  But we had a private joke referring to Steel Rain. You see we have a small farm. We bought it when Rick retired from the Army a few years ago.  We have lots of chickens, ducks, geese, and rabbits.  We also have had LOTS of critters who keep killing our birds. So it got so every night when he would go to put the birds in he would go locked and loaded.  As he would be heading out the door I would tell the kids "there he full battle rattle to make it rain.....STEEL RAIN!!!"

But I can't take credit for even coming up with the saying. It came from one of my husband's old Brigade Commanders while he was in Iraq and their base kept getting hit over and over again, so his commander who is also one of my husband's mentors thru-out his career, told them all to mount up, it's time to make it rain....STEEL RAIN. They ended up in a 3 hour fire fight in which every one of them came back from. 

So one night while watching him gear up to go to the barn (who knew that farming was similar to going to war???) And I asked him if he was going to "make it rain" it came to me that it would be the PERFECT name for our business and would also honor my husbands mentor whom he has so much respect for. Win here we are...Operation Steel Rain. 

Operation Steel Rain Instructor

Hi, I am Ricardo Riostirado. AKA Rick Rios (as it is MUCH easier to pronounce! I am a retired Army Sgt Major with 27 years of military experience.  I have taught thousands of soldiers gun safety and how to shoot, so when I retired, my love of guns and my belief that gun safety should be taught to everyone whether or not you are a gun owner, led me to becoming an instructor. 

I am married to my wife Christina who is the one who answers the phones, updates the Facebook pages, schedules the classes and works on the web page. We have 4 children our oldest is 30 and our youngest is 6. All of our children as well as my wife share my love of guns and shoot as well. All of our children have been taught gun safety from as early an age as 3 years old. 

I am a NRA Certified Instructor and am currently recognized in  Oswego, Jefferson, Cayuga, and Oneida Counties and am in the process of applying to more. I will also be teaching Multi-State Pistol Safety Classes starting in November 2016.

I offer one on one or group gun handling instruction along with private safety classes. 

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Operation Steel Rain 


​Howdy howdy!! I am Christina, Rick's wife!! We are one of those couples who does everything together so when we got the idea to mix one of our loves into a business it was a no brainer for us to jump in it together with both feet!!!  

I am the one that is behind the webpages, I do all of the scheduling etc. I am also the first one you get to meet when you come into our classes!!! 

We have a joke about me being the Owner/CEO because one of our good friends who designed and prints our T/Shirts for us added Owner/CEO to MY T/Shirt in an attempt to poke at my husband and it totally worked!! So now I am always telling him how I am the BOSS!!!

When I am NOT doing Op. Steel Rain stuff I actually have my own business. I am part of Damsel in Defense which is an incredible company who has self defense products geared towards women. It ties in beautifully with what Rick and I do because we are all about self defense and keeping YOU and YOURS safe.  Of course not all situations call for the use of a lethal weapon. Damsel has non-lethal weapons that you can use to help protect yourself along with a budding line of Conceal Carry handbags!!!! 

THEN when I am not doing either one of those, we have our two youngest at home (12 and 6) and we have so much fun together!! All of us!! Shooting for us is a family outing. The kids love to shoot as much as we do! 

We are very thankful for all of those who have been supporting us thru starting up our own business and for those of you who choose us to take your classes with!! We try to provide a fun, information intense class at a affordable price. Owning a firearm is a lifestyle change whether or not its a handgun or a long rifle. Safety is always paramount and our #1 Priority! 

Operation Steel Rain: Why the Name?